We’re in Beijing!



Well we ran out of time on our Schengen Area visas so we had to leave Europe.  It was a really great 3 months and we will be excited to go back.  Fortunately we weren’t too sad to leave Europe because our next destination was China!

We have spent 2 nights in the country’s capital and so far have had a wonderful time!  We’ve visited a park next to the forbidden city (see header picture), eaten some awesome new foods (no General Tso’s here), spent an afternoon in the national museum learning about ancient China, went to a Buddhist site which included several beautiful temples and one that houses one of the first Buddha’s teeth.

The parts of the city we’ve visited have been full of tourists (Chinese and foreign), locals from all walks of life, crazy traffic, enough English letters of Chinese names to get by and great weather.

Tonight we checked into a hotel where we will shortly be joining Sarah’s mother Mary and aunt Maize for a 4 week tour of China and Cambodia.  The tour will kick off tomorrow with tours of Tiananmen Square and The Forbidden City.

Until next time…


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