Klettersteig – We climbed an alp!


Yesterday our AirBnB host pointed to the picture on the front of her book of a man in a harness clinging to the side of a cliff and said “tomorrow we do this, you want to come?”.  Of course we said yes, so this morning we were picked up by her friend and her friend’s daughter and off we went to Zermatt for an adventure.

We rented gear in Zermatt and then turned on a seemingly random street that turned into a mountain path as they do in Swiss mountain towns.  After a little bit it was time to get started in earnest, we clipped onto the DSCN6391cable that was to be our lifeline for the next few hours and started up.

For the next few hours we climbed cliffs, mountain faces, gentle hills and walked on logs suspended over dizzying drops.  All of this was done with the aid of the ever present cable and bits of rebar cemented into the rock.  This is called a klettersteig, or via feratta.  Which seems to translate to iron path.

It was awesome and now that we’re in Kandersteg we might do it again here.

At the top

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  1. Good think I didn’t know you were climbing ~ I would have worried.

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