Gudvangen Norway: Traveling Tuesday


This week I will talk about a small but beautiful town. Gudvangen, Norway.  We came here as part of “Norway in a Nutshell” which is one of the cheesiest names for one of the most awe inspiring activities. “Norway in a Nutshell was 3 trains, 1 bus, and one ferry ride that connected the west coast of Norway to Oslo. We choose to spend a night along the way in Gudvangen. Gudvangen is located deep in the  Nærøyfjord. This was the kind of fjord that you imagine when you read about Slartibartfast’s award winning designs. The steep walls of the fjord filled your vision, there were countless (we did try to count) streams/waterfalls careening down the cliffs. Gudvangen is the kind of place that makes you feel small. Small in that good way like you are just a piece of the infinite nature around you.

Here the fjord Nate and I decided to go on a hike that was recommend by our hotel. The hike was HARD but AMAZING. I the hike was more or less straight up 725 meters ( 2379 feet for all you Americans) . We had not hiked in a while and I was not at all sure I would be alive when we got to the top. The view was worth it. The bluff we had been walking up plateaued into a bowl of glaciers. We could see the entirety of the Nærøyfjord in a way that is normally reserved for birds and helicopters.
Only bad part of Gudvangen was that Nate lost his wallet in transit to get here :( . There is so much more I could say about this little gem of a town (one hotel and a gas station) but I think I will let the pictures talk from here.


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