Country and State Checklists

Sarah and I didn’t start travelling together until 23 or more years of our lives had gone by, so we’ve used a few different colors to indicate different statuses of places.  You’ll find a key of colors at the bottom of the page.


Here’s a map of the countries we’ve visited!  Altogether we have explored at least part of 37 different countries.  Out of 206 (depending on who you ask) countries that makes 18.45%, that’s not nearly enough!  We’ve visited 32 countries together, that’s only 15.53%.


Of course there is a massive amount of exploration to be done in the USA too!  So far we’ve made it to 46 states.  We’re doing a little better in this category with a 92% completion rate.  We’ve been to 23 states together, which is only 46%.

Color Key

key_together – We have been here together.

key_separately – We’ve both visited, but not together.

key_justsarah – Sarah’s been, but Nate never has.

key_justnate – Nate’s been, but Sarah never has.

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