Bliss on the Beach Sihanoukville: Traveling Tuesday


For today’s installment of travelling Tuesday I will talk about our first encounter with a tropical beach. Sihanoukville Cambodia! I did not think that I was a “beach person” but Sihanoukville, in particular Otres Beach, proved me wrong.  

There was powder white sand, bath-warm water, and miles of free beach chairs. In Cambodia no one can own any part of the beach, restaurants/bars can put chairs on the beach but they have to let anyone sit in them whether or not you buy anything. But why would you not buy anything when it is so cheap?! It was just 2 dollars for a freshly made fruit smoothies, mostly pineapple, and I mean freshly like a picked from a tree that day. Each beach bar had its own unique draw and its own set of expats who were its normal patrons. Some bars had an inclusive feeling that felt like a family.

Our time here was spent lounging, reading, swimming, playing games, and just contemplating life. It was great to take time while traveling to just stop. Along the beach, there was a constant stream of people walking the beach offering fresh fruit and/or pedicure and threading services. FYI having all your leg hair threaded hurts!  Our plan had been to leave Otres and go out to a more secluded island, but we found no reason to leave once we had arrived.

Oh one more thing, at night you can see the glowing algae. Which is cool, but no where near as cool as it sounds.

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