Bern – The capital of the awesome country we’ve traveled for the last 3 weeks.


We arrived in Bern after a short train ride from Gruyeres and were met at the train station by our host, Yimu.  He walked us back to his place and a great 3 days commenced!

He lives right in the middle of old town, the coolest and most touristy part of the city.  On DSCN6567the way from the train station to the apartment we passed the famous clock tower and felt solidly like we had arrived in one of Europe’s wonderful historic cities.

Yimu had planned a great dinner of pasta with a creamy sauce and we helped a bit with the cooking and enjoyed a nice meal, the first of many with this great guy!

After dinner we went in search of good beer, since I mentioned I hadn’t been impressed by Switzerland’s brews.  We went to two different bars, both fun and at the end of the night I was convinced that the Swiss knew how to brew a good beer.

Since then we’ve toured Switzerland’s parliament building, seen their cathedral, watched their bears (the city/province’s mascot) play and forage in their park, gone on a walking tour, gone clubbing, peed on the famous clock tower (legally), had raclette (again at Yimu’s place), watched a free outdoor concert, helped prepare chinese food (under Yimu’s direction).  Thanks to Yimu for making Bern an awesome experience for us!

We are sad to leave Switzerland behind us for now as we head to Germany.



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  1. I didn’t realize it has been 3 weeks!

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