Ao Nang- Week 1

One week of pre-school teaching in the bag and I thought I’d post a little update.


Our schedule goes something like this:

7:30: Other staff arrive

8:00: Kids start arriving

8:30 Most kids present and playing

9:00 Group language practice with songs and letters and days of the week and such

10:00: Snack time

10:15 – 11:00: Class time for most kids, play time for really young ones

11:00: Lunch time for us, older kids still in class

12:00: Oldest kids are eating, younger ones showering and going for a nap.  We leave for some R&R

14:00: We return to school just as post-nap (or class for the oldest ones) snack is in session.

14:15: Activity time – Arts & Crafts, Singing, Whatever else

15:00: Play time, parents start picking kids up

16:00: Kids are gone, staff is leaving.

16:30: Free time!  Beach, travel planning, dinner, whatever suits us.  :)


All in all it’s pretty fun.  We get to recharge and get away from the noise a bit at noon, which is good because 15-20 kids can produce a lot of noise, chaos and messes.  They also produce lots of laughter, fun and inspiration but peace and quiet for an hour in the middle of the day helps us enjoy the day!

This weekend we are going to Tonsai Beach to meet with our friends Jen and Johan.  Should be a nice weekend!


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